Under 17 & Under 19

National Underage Leagues 2021

For an overview of the competitions' formats, and a full listing of the first phase groups in each age group, see here.

Phase 2 fixtures will be added when they are known.

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Under 17 League, Phase 1

Group A
26 Jun Finn Harps v Athlone Town
26 Jun Cavan-Monaghan v Derry City
26 Jun Drogheda United v Longford Town
26 Jun Sligo Rovers v Dundalk

03 Jul Athlone Town v Drogheda United
03 Jul Dundalk v Cavan-Monaghan
03 Jul Derry City v Sligo Rovers
03 Jul Longford Town v Finn Harps

10 Jul Sligo Rovers v Longford Town
10 Jul Cavan-Monaghan v Drogheda United
10 Jul Dundalk v Finn Harps
10 Jul Derry City v Athlone Town

17 Jul Sligo Rovers v Cavan-Monaghan
17 Jul Longford Town v Derry City
17 Jul Dundalk v Athlone Town
17 Jul Finn Harps v Drogheda United

24 Jul Athlone Town v Sligo Rovers
24 Jul Finn Harps v Derry City
24 Jul Drogheda United v Dundalk
24 Jul Cavan-Monaghan v Longford Town

07 Aug Sligo Rovers v Finn Harps
07 Aug Derry City v Drogheda United
07 Aug Longford Town v Dundalk
07 Aug Athlone Town v Cavan-Monaghan

14 Aug Derry City v Dundalk
14 Aug Finn Harps v Cavan-Monaghan
14 Aug Drogheda United v Sligo Rovers
14 Aug Athlone Town v Longford Town

Group B
26 Jun Bohemians v Cork City
26 Jun Cobh Ramblers v Bray Wanderers
26 Jun Cabinteely v Carlow-Kilkenny
26 Jun Klub Kildare v Kerry

03 Jul Cork City v Klub Kildare
03 Jul Kerry v Cobh Ramblers
03 Jul Bray Wanderers v Cabinteely
03 Jul Carlow-Kilkenny v Bohemians

10 Jul Bohemians v Kerry
10 Jul Cobh Ramblers v Cork City
10 Jul Cabinteely v Klub Kildare
10 Jul Carlow-Kilkenny v Bray Wanderers

17 Jul Bohemians v Bray Wanderers
17 Jul Cobh Ramblers v Klub Kildare
17 Jul Carlow-Kilkenny v Cork City
17 Jul Kerry v Cabinteely

24 Jul Cork City v Kerry
24 Jul Carlow-Kilkenny v Cobh Ramblers
24 Jul Cabinteely v Bohemians
24 Jul Klub Kildare v Bray Wanderers

07 Aug Kerry v Carlow-Kilkenny
07 Aug Klub Kildare v Bohemians
07 Aug Bray Wanderers v Cork City
07 Aug Cabinteely v Cobh Ramblers

14 Aug Cork City v Cabinteely
14 Aug Bray Wanderers v Kerry
14 Aug Cobh Ramblers v Bohemians
14 Aug Klub Kildare v Carlow-Kilkenny

Group C
26 Jun Galway United v Shelbourne
26 Jun Shamrock Rovers v Waterford
26 Jun St Patricks Athletic v Wexford
26 Jun Treaty United v UCD
26 Jun Limerick Idle

03 Jul Shelbourne v Treaty United
03 Jul Limerick v St Patricks Athletic
03 Jul Waterford v Galway United
03 Jul Wexford v Shamrock Rovers
03 Jul UCD Idle

10 Jul UCD v Limerick
10 Jul Treaty United v Wexford
10 Jul St Patricks Athletic v Waterford
10 Jul Galway United v Shamrock Rovers
10 Jul Shelbourne Idle

17 Jul Limerick v Galway United
17 Jul Wexford v Shelbourne
17 Jul Shamrock Rovers v Treaty United
17 Jul Waterford v UCD
17 Jul St Patricks Athletic Idle

20 Jul Shelbourne v St Patricks Athletic
20 Jul Treaty United v Limerick
20 Jul Wexford v Waterford
20 Jul UCD v Shamrock Rovers
20 Jul Galway United Idle

24 Jul Galway United v Treaty United
24 Jul St Patricks Athletic v UCD
24 Jul Shelbourne v Waterford
24 Jul Limerick v Wexford
24 Jul Shamrock Rovers Idle

07 Aug UCD v Shelbourne
07 Aug Treaty United v St Patricks Athletic
07 Aug Shamrock Rovers v Limerick
07 Aug Wexford v Galway United
07 Aug Waterford Idle

10 Aug Shelbourne v Shamrock Rovers
10 Aug Waterford v Limerick
10 Aug UCD v Wexford
10 Aug St Patricks Athletic v Galway United
10 Aug Treaty United Idle

14 Aug Limerick v Shelbourne
14 Aug Galway United v UCD
14 Aug Waterford v Treaty United
14 Aug Shamrock Rovers v St Patricks Athletic
14 Aug Wexford Idle

Phase 2

Shamrock Rovers won the League title with 8 wins from 8 games - 31 goals scored and only 1 conceded.


Semi-Finals (30 Oct, prev 13 Nov):
Cobh Ramblers 2-1 UCD aet
[Jake Fryene ?, David Eguaibor 70; ? 55]
Shelbourne 2-1 Galway United
[?, Gavin Hodgkin; David Tarmey]

Final (06 Nov, prev 20 Nov):
Shelbourne 0-0 Cobh Ramblers (@Athlone)aet, Shelbourne win 5-4 pens

Mark Farren Cup

First Round (31 Jul):
Cavan-Monaghan FP 2-1 Finn Harps, Gortakeegan
[Sean Reynolds pen, Yadah Usoh; ?]
Dundalk 1-2 Shamrock Rovers
[Anthony Mayo 62; Cian Curtis 35, Dara McGuinness]
Kerry League 1-3 Cork City (30 Jul)
[Cianan Cooney 88; Kennedy Abechi 10, 25, Alex Healy-Byrne 36]
Limerick 1-3 Athlone Town aet, Hogan Park
[Conor Finn 83; Shane Hanley 37, Kelvin Burke ET, Ricky Fitzsimons ET]
Longford Town 1-2 Shamrock Rovers
[Anthony Mayo 62; Cian Curtis 35, Dara McGuinness]
Shelbourne 3-0 Drogheda United, AUL
[Gbemi Arubi 19, Gavin Hodgins 53, 76]
Sligo Rovers 2-0 Derry City
[Aaron Heaney 16, 66]
UCD 3-0 Carlow Kilkenny, Baldonnel
[Lennon Gill 2, Kian Reddy]
Byes: Cabinteely, St Patricks Athletic, Wexford

Second Round
Preliminary match:
Cabinteely 0-3 St Patricks Athletic (Ballycorus, 19 Aug)
[Conor Carew 59, Jack O’Reilly 67, Cain Dunne 68]

Other matches (21 Aug):
Athlone Town 1-1 Sligo Rovers Athlone win 3-2 pens *
[Evan Hewitt 26; Adam Nugent 35]
* strikeronline says '3-2 aet', with additional scorers Joshua Shiels, Michael Okpeaye; Sam Tuohy. beta.football as above
Cavan-Monaghan FP v Shamrock Rovers, Gortakeegan PP 21 Aug; match awarded to Rovers
Cobh Ramblers 2-1 Waterford, Mayfield
[Colin Henderson, Jacob Gaup; Sam Norval pen]
Cork City 3-2 Treaty United, Bishopstown
[Mark O'Mahony 20, 35, Kennedy Amechi* 84; Jake McNamara 44, 86]
* CC Twitter & beta.football credit Josh Fitzpatrick
Galway United 0-0 Bohemians aet, Galway win 7-6 pens, East Utd
* beta.football says 6-5 pens
Shelbourne 5-0 Klub Kildare, AUL
[Gavin Hodgins (2), Altay Nguyer (2), Jad Hakiki]
UCD 2-3 Bray Wanderers, Baldonnel
[Mark Flood 8, Lewis Temple 69 og; Ben Clarke 13, Steve Mohan 49, 84]
Wexford 1-5 St Patricks Athletic
[Darby Purcell; Jack O'Reilly (3), Ryan Kelly, Belgium Manzambi]

Quarter-Finals (18 Sep):
Athlone Town 0-1 Galway United
[James Lukua]*
* beta.football credits Mark O'Halloran (43')
St Patricks Athletic 2-0 Cobh Ramblers, Blanchardstown
[Matthew O'Hara 88, (+1?)]
Bray Wanderers 1-2 Cork City
[Eimhin Boylan 72 (player s/o 82); Mark O'Mahony 10, Kennedy Amechi 69 (player s/o 90)]
Shamrock Rovers 2-3 Shelbourne, Roadstone
[Pharrell Manuel 19, 82; Obemi Arubi 24, Jad Hakiki 32, Luke Browne 83]

Semi-Finals (16 Oct):
St Patricks Athletic 1-2 Cork City
[Conor Carew 90; Liam Murray 32, Mark O'Mahony 41]
Shelbourne 1-2 Galway United
[Gavin Hodgins 49; Michael McCullagh 3, 47]

Final 17 Nov (prev 13 Nov):
Cork City 2-1 Galway United
[Franco Umeh Chibueze 70, Liam Murray 84; Liam Murray 91+]

Under 19 League, Phase 1

Group A
27 Jun Galway United v Bray Wanderers
27 Jun Cabinteely v Cobh Ramblers
27 Jun Cork City v Bohemians
27 Jun Shelbourne v Kerry
27 Jun Waterford v Treaty United
27 Jun Wexford Idle

04 Jul Bray Wanderers v Cork City
04 Jul Cobh Ramblers v Shelbourne
04 Jul Kerry v Galway United
04 Jul Bohemians v Waterford
04 Jul Treaty United v Wexford
04 Jul Cabinteely Idle

11 Jul Kerry v Bohemians
11 Jul Shelbourne v Treaty United
11 Jul Galway United v Cabinteely
11 Jul Cork City v Waterford
11 Jul Wexford v Cobh Ramblers
11 Jul Bray Wanderers Idle

18 Jul Wexford v Bohemians
18 Jul Bray Wanderers v Kerry
18 Jul Cork City v Cabinteely
18 Jul Waterford v Shelbourne
18 Jul Galway United v Cobh Ramblers
18 Jul Treaty United Idle

21 Jul Treaty United v Galway United
21 Jul Waterford v Wexford
21 Jul Cobh Ramblers v Cork City
21 Jul Bray Wanderers v Cabinteely
21 Jul Bohemians v Shelbourne
21 Jul Kerry Idle

25 Jul Bohemians v Galway United
25 Jul Shelbourne v Wexford
25 Jul Cabinteely v Treaty United
25 Jul Cobh Ramblers v Bray Wanderers
25 Jul Kerry v Waterford
25 Jul Cork City Idle

01 Aug Bohemians v Bray Wanderers
01 Aug Cabinteely v Wexford
01 Aug Treaty United v Cork City
01 Aug Galway United v Shelbourne
01 Aug Kerry v Cobh Ramblers
01 Aug Waterford Idle

08 Aug Shelbourne v Cork City
08 Aug Treaty United v Cobh Ramblers
08 Aug Wexford v Galway United
08 Aug Bray Wanderers v Waterford
08 Aug Kerry v Cabinteely
08 Aug Bohemians Idle

15 Aug Cabinteely v Shelbourne
15 Aug Cork City v Kerry
15 Aug Bohemians v Treaty United
15 Aug Wexford v Bray Wanderers
15 Aug Waterford v Galway United
15 Aug Cobh Ramblers Idle

18 Aug Shelbourne v Bray Wanderers
18 Aug Cabinteely v Bohemians
18 Aug Treaty United v Kerry
18 Aug Cobh Ramblers v Waterford
18 Aug Cork City v Wexford
18 Aug Galway United Idle

22 Aug Bray Wanderers v Treaty United
22 Aug Waterford v Cabinteely
22 Aug Galway United v Cork City
22 Aug Wexford v Kerry
22 Aug Cobh Ramblers v Bohemians
22 Aug Shelbourne Idle

Group B
27 Jun Derry City v Sligo Rovers
27 Jun Finn Harps v Athlone Town
27 Jun Longford Town v UCD
27 Jun St Patricks Athletic v Drogheda United
27 Jun Shamrock Rovers v Dundalk

04 Jul Drogheda United v Athlone Town
04 Jul Sligo Rovers v Dundalk
04 Jul Shamrock Rovers v Longford Town
04 Jul Finn Harps v UCD
04 Jul Derry City v St Patricks Athletic

11 Jul Sligo Rovers v Drogheda United
11 Jul Athlone Town v Shamrock Rovers
11 Jul Dundalk v Finn Harps
11 Jul St Patricks Athletic v Longford Town
11 Jul UCD v Derry City

18 Jul Sligo Rovers v Finn Harps
18 Jul Longford Town v Athlone Town
18 Jul UCD v St Patricks Athletic
18 Jul Drogheda United v Shamrock Rovers
18 Jul Dundalk v Derry City

25 Jul Derry City v Finn Harps
25 Jul Longford Town v Sligo Rovers
25 Jul Athlone Town v St Patricks Athletic
25 Jul Dundalk v Drogheda United
25 Jul UCD v Shamrock Rovers

01 Aug Drogheda United v Derry City
01 Aug Sligo Rovers v UCD
01 Aug Athlone Town v Dundalk
01 Aug Finn Harps v Longford Town
01 Aug Shamrock Rovers v St Patricks Athletic

08 Aug Derry City v Athlone Town
08 Aug Longford Town v Drogheda United
08 Aug St Patricks Athletic v Finn Harps
08 Aug Dundalk v UCD
08 Aug Shamrock Rovers v Sligo Rovers

15 Aug Derry City v Shamrock Rovers
15 Aug UCD v Athlone Town
15 Aug Finn Harps v Drogheda United
15 Aug Dundalk v Longford Town
15 Aug Sligo Rovers v St Patricks Athletic

22 Aug Athlone Town v Sligo Rovers
22 Aug Shamrock Rovers v Finn Harps
22 Aug Longford Town v Derry City
22 Aug St Patricks Athletic v Dundalk
22 Aug Drogheda United v UCD

Phase 2


14 Nov Semi-Finals
Kerry 1-2 Drogheda United
[?; Sam O'Brien, Dave Samson]
Finn Harps 2-4 Waterford aet (@OP)
[??; ??, Liam Kerwick, ?]

Final (20 Nov, prev 21 Nov):
Drogheda United 2-1 Waterford (@CG)
[Luke Neville 58, Mohammad Boudiaf 64 pen; Owen Oseni 15]

Enda McGuill Cup

First Round (11 Aug):
Sligo Rovers 1-1 Galway United aet, Galway win 4-3 pens
[Ciaran Jennings; Ethan Connolly]
St Patricks Athletic 7-0 Cabinteely
[Jack O'Reilly 3, Tommy Lonergan 2, Ross Fay, Darius Lipisuc]
Treaty United 2-1 Kerry League aet
[Scott Kirkland, Sean Oyibo; Nathan Gleeson]
UCD 4-2 Shelbourne aet
[Sammy Ayoola 2, Evan Caffrey, Danny Norris; Alex Nolan, Francis Campbell]
Waterford 3-0 Wexford
[Owen Oseni, Alan Dunwoody, Callum Stringer]

Second Round (29 Aug 2pm):
Bray Wanderers 2-0 Drogheda United (@CG)
[Josh McGlone 76, Regan Lennon 94+]
Cobh Ramblers 1-2 Cork City aet (30 Aug)
[Ciaran Griffin 47; Sean McGrath 71, Zachary Dunne 109]
Derry City 2-0 Finn Harps
[Evan McLaughlin 46, 71; player s/o 73]
Dundalk 0-3 Bohemians
[Daragh Murtagh 23, Mayowa Animasahun 46 og, Aaron Doran 73]
Galway United 0-2 Treaty United, Maree Oranmore
[Callum McNamara, Sean Oyibo 73]*
* beta.football gives only one scorer despite 0-2 scoreline
Longford Town 0-2 Athlone Town
[Oran Lyons 19, Tinotenda Mhondlwa 78]*
* strikeronline credits 'James McMahon Carr, Nathan Williams', neither in beta.football lineup
Shamrock Rovers 3-3 Waterford aet, Rovers win 8-7 pens*
[Michael Leddy 30, 32, Mikey Raggett; Michael Quinlan 43, Owen Oseni 45, 56]
* strikeronline says 6-5 pens
UCD 4-3 St Patricks Athletic, Baldonnel
[Danu Kinsella Bishop 2, Matthew Scott 3, Reece Webb 20 og, Isaac Akinsete 37 (player s/o 93+); Thomas Lonergan 14, Sami Clarke 28, Jack O'Reilly 61 pen]

UCD AFC 1-2 Cork City (06 Oct)
[Samuel Ayoola 64; David Bosnjak 37, Luke Desmond 53]
Bohemians 3-1 Bray Wanderers (22 Sep, St Aidans)
[Billy Vance 14, Colin Conroy 75, Aaron Doran 90; Ognjen Lovic 1’]
Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Derry City, Roadstone (06 Oct) aet, Derry win 4-2 pens
[John Ryan 107; Michael Harris 95]
Treaty United 2-0 Athlone Town (05 Oct)
[Josh Quinlivan 4, Dylan Cody 85]

Semi-Finals (17 Oct):
Bohemian FC 1-0 Cork City
[Aaron Doran 13]
Derry City 1-0 Treaty United
[Michael Harris 94+]

Final 27 Oct (prev listed as 14 Nov), Brandywell
Derry City 1-1 Bohemians aet, Derry win 4-3 pens
[Evan McLaughlin 117 (Caoimhin Porter s/o 56); Sean Grehan 117]

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